Helping Tradies Get Off The Tools and Shift to CEO

Do You want more Quality Leads and to boost your profit?

Do you want to get off the tools and boost your profits without all the frustrations and overwhelm? You’ll need better clients and sales on autopilot. We can help with that.

How it Works

Step 1

Attract and capture quality leads on autopilot

Step 2

Qualify and nurture leads on autopilot

Step 3

Convert leads to high paying clients on autopilot

You Need Consistent Quality Leads

We simplify the whole system and turn strangers into high paying clients. 

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TradieLink Dashboard

As soon as you log into your TradieLink Dashboard, you will be able to see how many opportunities you have in the system. The pipeline value give you a dollar figure on what you currently have in the system as well as what your cashflow will be in the future. The clarity and insight of knowing exactly where your sales and prospects are sitting in the sales process is the turning point to getting off the tools.

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TradieLink Pipeline

Imagine having the clarity to see your incoming leads and their dollar value. We call this the TradieLink Pipeline. We give you the ability to see exactly where your leads are in the sales process. Some leads convert straight away, but most take time and nurturing. Our TradieLink Piepline allows you to quickly identify where your best opportunities are in the sales funnel.

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Easy to Understand Metrics

Running ads on Facebook or Google is extremely overwhelming. And that is before you even try to read the reports. We have simplified the reporting to show everything you do need to know and nothing you don’t need. 

Why tradielink pro? why now?

why Choose tradielink Pro?

Marketing has changed so quickly. Everything has moved to digital and trying to keep up with all the changing trends, social media, websites….it’s a nightmare! All you want to do is get quality leads and start making a healthy profit. Working 7 days a week is not a lifestyle. We have built TradieLink Pro after being in the very same position you are in right now. 

There is a time that you need to start thinking about how to get off the tools. Start growing your business and team, deliver quality work and be rewarded for that. TradieLink Pro is the missing link you are looking for. 

We create and automate a strategy for the entire sales process – not just lead generation!



We Thrive On Your Success

Actually, we want you to look amazing to your clients.  Your success is easy when your clients are happy.

Our Clients

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